Nutrition Response Testing Provided by Kovar Chiropractic & Natural Wellness Center


What is Nutrition Response Testing? It's an advanced technique that allows the doctor to zero in on exactly what organs in the body aren't functioning at 100% and on exactly what nutrients the body needs in order to heal itself. It's getting incredible results on all kinds of conditions.
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Success Stories

"I had a head injury in 2010. From then on, I have had debilitating migraine headaches, ‘buzzing” in my head, memory loss, and a decreased ability to multi-task. Also, I had difficulty with clear thought processing. Now, since beginning whole food supplementation, I haven’t had any migraines at all. The buzzing in my head is less frequent. And my thought processing is better, as is my memory."

- S. G.

"When I first came to see Dr. Kovar for nutrition help 2 months ago, I had been taking blood pressure medicines for 2 ½ years. I also took anti-anxiety meds to help me sleep and an antidepressant. I had food cravings, cellulite, pain in my hands and fatigue. And chronic sinus conditions for which I took 3 different medicines. Dr. Kovar muscle tested me and determined areas of stress and weakness in my body that would benefit from whole food supplementation. I was dedicated to keeping my recheck appointments, and at those appointments, Dr. Kovar would tweak my program. I had gradual improvements in all my symptoms. Then Dr. Kovar suggested a 21 day week cleanse and all my conditions either disappeared or lessened. I no longer take medicines for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression or sinus complaints. I am also off Miralax. I have had less pain in my hands, reduced food cravings, and fewer headaches. I have lost 6 pounds so far. I am really excited about how my cellulite has cleared up and my “jelly roll” is shrinking! I have increased my physical activity and I have also decreased my sugar intake. My energy level is better than what it was.

- Deb M.

"When I first consulted with Dr. Kovar I had already been dealing with my medical physicians for a year and a half for skin lesions. I had many other symptoms too. I felt unhealthy. I felt tired. One month later, after I had diligently taken my supplements as directed and kept my recheck appointments for nutrition response testing with Dr. Kovar, I am happy to report that many of my problems have been corrected! I am actively referring others to Dr. Kovar for nutrition checks and whole food supplementation."

-Tina M.